Chris and Sean

Sales Pipeline Specialists


Service Providers who sell on social media


DM software to close sales 


Chris Baden

Chris is the CEO / Co-Founder of FlowChat. A saas company that has a unique way of acquiring new customers. Their organic tool & strategies have led their own company to over $1 million in sales in the first 14 months. Since then they have successfully served over 300 companies in generating profitable organic campaigns. While Chris isn’t building businesses, he’s building a life-long marriage, world-impacting family with 3 kids now, and competed on NBC’s hit TV show American Ninja Warrior for 3 seasons.

Sean Malone

Sean comes from over two decades of studying communication – specifically sales and the lost art of prospecting.  He (and his team) have successfully grown (and sold) multiple 7-figure businesses and have guided 4 organizations into the 8-figures.  He stays relentlessly focused on solving the revenue problem for business owners so they can experience the growth and success they deserve. His skills (and results) have allowed him to build a life of being a loving hubby, cat-dad, disc golfer, and Sell By Chat™ Expert.  Always Revenue. Always Relevant.