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Karen Roberts

Implementation Coach
Are You a 

Would You Invest 40 Mins To Find Out How You Could Potentially Double 
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  •  CALCULATE: Raise Your Standards, Know Your Numbers
  •  CREATE: Customer Journey and Conversion Process
  •  CONNECT: Target Audience
  •  COMMIT: Commitment to Completion/Follow Up Process
  •  COMBINE: The 3 I's = SUCCESS

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About Karen Roberts
At the beginning of June 2018 Karen had a real reality check.

She thought everything was going really well.  For the last 18 months she had been working as an online business coach for an online education company.

She  was making close to six figures and growing month-in month-out.  One day it stopped, and I mean completely stopped, through no fault of her own, she had no income.
Now, the ironic thing, is that she would teach her students to have multiple sources of income and here she was having all of her eggs in one basket. Fortunately a lot of her coaching sessions were on mindset so she was really being tested.

She had to go through a process, there was shock, then came tears, lots of them. She was very emotional and then she got mad. But... she had to find a solution so, she got herself a mentor, she says that it was the best decision she ever made. 

She understood the importance of having a coach/mentor, she had spent the previous 23 years in the fitness industry so she was more than aware that people get much better and quicker results working with a Personal Trainer as opposed to going to the gym by themselves.

She knew that with everything that she'd learnt, she could now put into action for herself, but she needed somebody to hold her accountable and to help her put that plan into action.

So you know that there's no such thing as job security right? 

If you're an employee, you're working for somebody else's dreams and goals. So what about  your dreams and goals? 

When is the right time to put those into action?  

But... be careful what you wish for,  the reason I say that is because Karens absolute passion was teaching high energy group fitness classes because the more energy that she gave,  the more energy she would get back.

Karens absolute dream, or so she thought, was to open her own fitness studio.  

In 2003,  seven months pregnant and with her four-year-old daughter and then partner, they decided to move to sunnier climates.  They moved to the Algarve Portugal.  There, they  created 'FITBODS" she thought she'd achieved her goal, she had her own fitness studio.  However, it soon became apparent that what she'd actually done was bought herself a full-time job.  Out of the 40-plus classes that were on the timetable, she was teaching 26 of them.

She realised that this particular business model was seriously flawed,  because the whole thing had been built around her and her partner. It wasn't duplicatable and it certainly wasn't sustainable.  Now we all know what happened in 2009, when the crash hit,  it hit Portugal hard.

In  2012 Karen and her girls, moved back to the UK,  but of course now she was older, 40.  She knew that she had limited time.  She was tired,  she felt overworked underpaid under appreciated,  sometimes a long commute into London really early, she barely saw her girls.  She knew that something had to change but she still had responsibilities,  she still had bills to pay. 

She was a single mother and at the end of the day she'd been do the same thing for the last 23 years so what really were her options?

It had to be something that she was passionate about and had to resonate with her core beliefs.  She had been a coach all her life and she realised that at the end of the day to help people achieve their health and fitness goals is the same process as helping them to achieve their wealth and business goals. They had to create some new habits.

She just needed to learn some new skills which she did. She believes that everybody has enough knowledge and expertise that could benefit others. She now helps people that may have been feeling like she was create a product or a service that they could market online to a wider audience and therefore increase their income.

Everyone who is successful has a coach or a mentor,  nobody gets to the top without any help,  you need somebody who has been where you are and is where you want to be,  somebody to guide you through the whole process and hold your accountable.

The hardest transition that she  sees as a coach,  is people transitioning from an employee mindset  to a business owner mindset, so her focus is helping people close that gap between knowing and doing.

If you've ever wondered what your next stage could be, take a look at one of her coaching programs. She is going to share with you her five step formula for online success,  let her take you through the process.  Once you have clarity and you decide what it is that you want to do she can help you go through the process.

Karen has been to many seminars,  been on so many webinars, bought so many training programs and she has  always been left a little bit frustrated,  because they give you part of it but then,  you're left to go home on your own and try to piece the whole thing together.

Have you experienced this?

Karen is looking to do is to do something a little bit different,  She's more than aware that when you're not sure on the next step,  in the not knowing what to do next nothing gets done.  She's gonna help you go through the whole process from the setup to launch.

Does that sound like a plan?

She will be there to help you decide on what it is that you want to do,  what you're passionate about, does that make sense?

Even the sales training,  Now before you go 'I don't do sales' whether you like it or not,  if you're in business,  you're in sales.  

Wouldn't you like to learn how to market properly using the tools that are available so that you can market to a wider audience, increase your income, without increasing your time at work.  Is that reasonable?

She won't tell you it will be  easy,  she will tell you it will be worth it. 

When you're following your true passion you can't go wrong, she can't think of a better way can you?

If you're just tired,  if you're just looking for another way,  you want to increase your income or maybe you just want more time to enjoy it doesn't it make sense to figure out what your next stage is?

Karen doesn't just coach other Fitness Professionals/Therapists on 'How To' without actually 'Doing it' herself.

She owns a Mobile Massage Service -
Bromley Mobile Massage Service
and FITBODZ - 90 Day Body Transformation Bootcamp
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