I help people find their ‘MOJO’, get clear on what THEY want, increase their confidence and achieve their goals

Finding ‘MOJO’ is a 5 day challenge, giving coaches/healers clarity on where exactly they want to be and why, then helping them create a specific roadmap to get them there.

This is like giving people a test drive to my flagship program ‘6 Figures And Beyond Academy’

There are so many coaches out there promising this that and the other….. how do you know where to turn, who to trust. In my experience you can get a good idea working with someone for just 5 days.

Clarity for me, is very underated, so once you have that, then having a daily method of operation in place and a formula for converting prospects into buyers as most people squirm at having the ‘sales conversation’.

We break it down and make it easy, without being pushy. Once you have completed the 5 day, you will have the option to upgrade to our academy with lifetime access. 

Business Building

6 Figures And Beyond

You Have Your Qualifications, You Have Designed And Created Your Signature Online Program, Now What?

You have been told how easy it is to hit 6 figures as a coach, but…. the truth is there are only 2 ways to get there.

1. Your money at work – Invest in a mentor, hire a VA to do your social media management and book calls, software to manage the process, a sales team to close for you.

2. Your time at work – do it by yourself, post content daily on social media, spend hours attached to your phone dealing with notifications and booking calls.

There Is Another Way!

A combination that suits your budget and time you have available, your skill sets and what YOU want to spend your day doing.

There is no ‘One size fits all’ solution.

Book a discovery call, let’s see what you want to achieve, what challenges you’re facing and what solutions we can offer that will fit ALL budgets.


Radio Show/Podcast

We own Mintwave Radio Station and ‘Raising Vibrations’ Podcast Network, for coaches, consultants, therapists and healers to host their own show and get their message heard.


Our New Directory

If you have ever considered hosting your own show as a way to grow your audience and get new clients, you don’t have to do it by yourself.

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